On D.E.R.'s side of this split twelve-inch, the outfit sounds like Agoraphobic Nosebleed, but with scarier, more feral vocals and more nuanced percussion. The beginning of "Servo Desleal" sounds like a sample that was captured and smuggled out of a secret prison camp for the "disappeared" — a fitting precursor to the accompanying unleashed live-wire guitar and fluidly machine-gunning percussion. The Aberrant side is akin to the powerviolence of Man Is the Bastard, blended with the kind of death grind embodied in the music of Weekend Nachos. The lyrics are an uncompromising blast to the casual, self-inflicted brutality of modern American society and the everyday fallout of a divisive culture of greed — all perfectly embodied by the seething disappointment in "Friendly Reminder." Meanwhile, "Strategic Bombing Raids (outro)," with its repeated vocal sample, is one of the most disturbing, un-musical endings to an album in recent years.


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