Able Archer

Matt Huseman sang and played in the Greenberry Woods, a band that released two albums on Sire Records circa the '90s, and his experience shows on Able Archer's debut — the focus of a Saturday, October 4, CD-release show at the Larimer Lounge co-starring the Gromet, Eudea and Sarina Simoom. The disc's most effective track is "Last Year," which builds up a head of melodrama fueled partly by synthesized strings. As for the comparatively goopy "Evacuation Plan," it had me planning my escape the second it made me think of Journey — something I definitely try to avoid. Still, there's no denying that the Able crew (including sometime Westword contributor Chris Callaway) makes a commercially accessible sound, and that makes sense. After all, Huseman's done this before.


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