Accordion Crimes at the Larimer Lounge

Anyone looking for a more sanitized version of pop music would do well to steer clear of the bands on the Siltbreeze label. In the world of lo-fi indie rock, the dirty, distorted aesthetic of Siltbreeze bands like Times New Viking and Psychedelic Horseshit exert a strong influence. And that's clearly the starting point for Accordion Crimes (due at the Larimer Lounge on Saturday, May 16), a three-piece consisting of Bryan Feuchtinger, Bryon Parker and David Sprague, who write the kind of fragmented, highly energetic pop songs that sound like they were conceived and recorded on an old four-track. Although the members of this band could easily have come up with something that sounds like it's in the pocket rather than bursting at the seams, the project is clearly being done for fun and for the sheer joy of playing music that doesn't have to be conventionally melodic.

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