Action Bronson

Whereas many rappers quantify their lavish lives in terms of drank and weed, Action Bronson's primary vice has been and probably always will be food. Before he gained notoriety as an MC with his 2011 studio debut, Dr. Lecter, he was well respected as a New York chef (his lyrics are still garnished with references to foods of all sorts). But while he shares a profession with Raekwon, the Wu-Tang member to whom he most frequently draws comparison is Ghostface Killah, thanks to his indulgent subject matter and piercing voice. Bronson, meanwhile, says that Kool G Rap is his biggest influence — and with few exceptions, he's perfected the boastful art of Mafioso rap that G Rap pioneered better than anybody since Jay-Z and Wu-Tang in the '90s. Since his debut, Bronson has released another studio album, Well-Done, along with several mixtapes — most recently Rare Chandeliers, produced by the legendary Alchemist. Bronson hasn't found his Reasonable Doubt yet, but he's got several more projects in the oven, and it will be interesting to see what he serves next.


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