Action Packed Thrill Ride

"Are you ready for an action packed thrill ride?" the members of this group wonder in their brief "theme song" -- but instead of belting out the inquiry in belligerent tones against a strident backdrop, they warble with inebriated brio over a straggling guitar strum. That's called irony, my friends, and the Packers use it well throughout their latest EP, a shambolic offering filled with relaxed bonhomie.

Lucas Johannes, John Schafer, Mark Cawthray, Jeni Sykes, Jon Evans and Sten Valin don't form the tightest musical unit; "I Can't Recall" vacillates between comparatively noisy riffing and quieter passages when the performers seem unsure if they should keep playing or not. Nevertheless, the combination of rustic instrumentation (acoustic guitars, upright bass, mandolin, banjo, etc.) and convivial vocalizing works more often than not, transforming the likes of "Get By" into an intoxicating brew that goes down warm.

Thrilling? Maybe not. But it's still a very enjoyable Ride.


Action Packed Thrill Ride


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