Adam Duncan joins A&M/Octone Records roster

If you visit the A&M/Octone Records website right now, you might recognize a familiar face on the artist page next to Maroon 5, Hollywood Undead and the other acts. Adam Duncan is the latest addition to the label's roster. Duncan, a homegrown vocalist who first made his name as O.N.E., a member of Infinite Mindz, has several releases under his belt, including the Inglorious Basterd Mixtape he did with DJ Quote and the stuff he recorded for Mercury Sauce with Nathan Reid. This is a good look for Duncan and for the Mile High City -- dude's sharing the love; take a look at how many Denver cats are namechecked on his official A&M/Octone bio. Congrats, Adam! Page down to check out "Cover Girl," a track featuring Duncan and Rockie.

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