Adam Green

Green has been attracting plaudits and brickbats ever since his days with the Moldy Peaches, when his repertoire was filled with songs like "Who's Got the Crack?" His melodies can make the collected works of Raffi seem complex in comparison, yet his lyrics are as alternately dirty and quirky as anything this side of John Waters.

Gemstones* achieves a slightly higher level of musical sophistication than Green's previous offerings, yet the arrangements are purposely banal, in order to keep the focus on his everyman's voice and bizarro wordplay. In "Carolina," he salutes a woman with breasts that "taste just like breakfast." Later, he declares that if he had the chance to shake hands with George W. Bush, he would dance for joy on NBC and then (this is the song's title) "Choke on a Cock."

Well-adjusted folks probably won't be nearly as amused by Green's brand of naughty infantilism as will listeners with a strong sense of the absurd -- or a severe case of arrested development. Which is another way of saying it was right up my alley.


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