Adult. is weird and getting weirder. Gimme Trouble, the act's latest effort on Thrill Jockey, is a troublesome mash of lo-fi instrumentation and banshee-like yelping that turns electro-clash into electro-what? Nicola Kuperus takes her voice to new levels of art-house oddness; for instance, when she shrieks, "I'm falling apart, I'm coming unglued, I'm pacing around like a zombie," it feels like a description of her vocal style. Rounded out by Adam Lee Miller and new addition Samuel Consiglio, the Detroit-based band has taken generous leaps from its previous efforts. Once the sweethearts of the dance floor, the group has shed its no-wave skin in favor of a bare minimum of pre-programmed beats and sound effects. Attempting a hipster dance routine to Adult. involves a combination of jerky arm movements, stiff hips shaken left to right and just a touch of head-bobbing. On second thought, maybe Kuperus and her boys aren't that weird after all.


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