Adultnapper at Skylab

Among all the stars at Skylab, it would be easy to overlook Adultnapper. This would be a mistake. The Brooklyn-based DJ/producer (aka Francis Harris) has been creating quite a splash with his productions, which hark back to the classic techno releases of Richie Hawtin (aka Plastikman) but add tribal percussion, sweet, melancholy string melodies that wouldn't sound out of place in a low-key trance track, and other subtle touches. The results are organic and mysterious yet still unmistakably techno. As a DJ, Adultnapper casts a wide net, picking up songs that fit into that same aesthetic and pulling in other influences — everything from classic, old-school raves to twisted vocals and cascading piano lines. His mixes sound spacey, deep and sexy while retaining the organic feel and slightly dark vibe of his production work. Catch Adultnapper at Skylab on Saturday, August 16, where he'll headline the Beatport stage just after midnight. If that's too late for you, catch him at Beta the next day, where he'll play a low-key pool party set. Get more info at


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