Akufen at the Bunker

Akufen's 2002 debut album, My Way, was one of those records that just seemed to stand alone, unique and perfect. The microhouse sound championed on the disc was deep and technical without being over-intellectualized. The use of microsecond snippets of sound, chopped up and shaped into shuffling, swinging house music was — and is — brilliant. Since then, Akufen has shown himself as an artist willing to challenge expectations, pushing his work into experimental directions even as his microhouse sound was catching on, and lately moving on to a funkier, slightly more chilled-out (but still completely danceable) sound that employs some of the same techniques but with notably different results. He's also running a label these days — Musique Risquée — and keeping up a brisk schedule of deejaying around the world. Catch him in his Colorado debut Saturday, April 17, at the Bunker (3881 Steele Street), as part of the Communikey festival.


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