Alert at the Gemini Party

The music of local dubstep artist Alert is dark, deep and a little bit scary — kind of like the man himself. "My tracks are a personal diary. There is no 'me' in the bigger picture, only a catalyst for the listener's personal evolution," he explains. "Also, I am a practicing Satanist, which seeps through in the music." That music is influenced by everything from metal, such as Sepultura and Slayer's Reign in Blood album, to blunted trip-hop favorites Massive Attack and Portishead — not to mention jungle stars like Ed Rush & Optical and Amon Tobin. Alert got his musical start in a variety of punk and metal acts, then moved on to creating ambient tracks, deejaying and producing jungle before evolving into his current sound in 2007. Catch him this Saturday, June 20, at the eleventh annual Gemini party, where he'll perform alongside a number of other fine Dope Recordings artists. For location and other info, call 303-991-6197 or visit


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