Alert's new tracks give sound to a deep-space nightmare

Dubstep is taking the electronic-music world by storm these days -- but for those who dismiss the genre as just another dance-music trend, we'd like to fire back with ammunition from Alert, a local DJ/producer who creates the darkest, creepiest dubstep you've ever heard.

It's clear from the music he makes that Alert gleans a lot of inspiration from horror films, and two brand-spanking-new tracks -- to be released Thursday on his Oblivion Fringe label -- certainly reflect this notion.

The premise: An alien parasite is aboard a spaceship and attacking the crew. The first track, "Parasight," (clever, no?) begins with steady cymbals, an ominous low siren and sibilant high hats before the deep, distorted, wobbly basslines kick in, offset with random computer beeps, taking the tempo up and down before coming full circle with the cymbals and siren.

The second track, "God's End," opens with syncopated taps and sounds like waves breaking on a beach; then the simple snare-like drum takes center stage before more of Alert's gorgeously dirty basslines enter the mix.

Lovers of deep, dark and dirty drum-and-bass will be enamored of these two samples of Alert's talent -- see for yourself.


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