Alkaline Trio

Like a thermometer crammed up the rectum of punk rock, the Warped Tour has been taking the temperature of teenage rebellion for fifteen years now. This year's prognosis: typically cold-blooded. As usual, though, the day-long festival has a couple of hot spots on its gazillion-band bill, and one of them is Alkaline Trio. The veteran Chicago outfit is co-headlining Warped 2010, and frontman Matt Skiba and crew will be showing the kids how punk rock ought to be done — that is, with passion, guts, great songwriting, and as much integrity as one can muster while playing under a giant Monster Energy Drink banner. Expect plenty of songs from Alkaline's latest album, This Addiction, which is a welcome throwback to the band's meat-and-potatoes, heart-on-sleeve origins.


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