Tom Murphy

Amphibious Jones at Old Curtis Street

It's rare when true technical ability is met with imagination and tasteful restraint. But that's exactly what you get with Amphibious Jones, a quirky trio that threads together progressive rock's chops, psychedelic space rock's expansive soundscapes and punk rock's liberating aggression. Although given to lengthy instrumental passages, Jones never quite crosses over into jam-band territory, especially not with its swirly, warped, edgy guitar work. If late-'70s Pink Floyd and Hawkwind decided to collaborate on an album inspired by Arabian Nights, the result would sound something like this. Always a compelling live act, Amphibious Jones (due Thursday, January 7, at Old Curtis Street) doesn't skimp on the show, and its superb musicianship doesn't interfere with the act's ability to seem delightfully deranged.


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