Andrew Vogt

Ft. Collins-based reedsman Andrew Vogt keeps his chops sharp by playing out three or four nights a week, whether it's with ZARO, which he co-leads, the Subterranean Quartet, or a number of other groups he performs with. On Cats Afoot, Vogt shows he obviously knows his way around both alto and tenor saxophones and clarinet. While he's a competent composer (he penned all but three tunes here), he opens the disc with a thoroughly swinging take on ELO's "On the Run," which features Vogt and local legend Rich Chiaraluce riffing off each other on tenor sax near the end of the cut. Backed by some other fine local talent, Vogt finds himself digging in and swinging hard on "The Derailer," "Phil Woodshed" and Duke Ellington's "Jeep Is Jumpin," getting funky on "With Trace of Light" and "Groomzilla,"and slowing it down on a few ballads. Afoot offers a little bit of everything, showing how versatile this cat is.


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