Andy Monley

Andy Monley is a Denver-scene veteran, having served time with Jux County, the Czars and the Velveteen Monster. Some artists who've been around over such a long haul merely go through the motions -- a chore that becomes more difficult depending on how much rust is on them. Not Monley, though. The music found on this solo effort isn't as noisy as the early Jux stuff, but it's just as vital and confident.

The new disc's production, by Monley and Colin Bricker, is simple and pure. While some tunes sport comparatively busy arrangements -- particularly "Down," which features a gorgeous horn chart courtesy of Mark Harris -- the focus remains on Monley's rustic voice, his sturdy guitar and compositions such as the clever, irresistible "Somewhere" and "Heavy Train," which doesn't move quickly but reaches its destination in style.

Triplight, whose launch will be celebrated Friday, May 12, at a Walnut Room gig co-starring Joshua Novak, shines brightly. And despite the years on him, Monley does, too.


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