Andy Monley and the High Horses at Meadowlark

Andy Monley isn't exactly a household name, but maybe he should be. He's definitely made the Denver music scene a lot more interesting for more than two decades. As a guitarist for pioneering local bands Jux County and Velveteen Monster, Monley showed an impressive range as a guitarist and songwriter. It was as a member of the Czars, however, that he made his biggest impact outside of Denver. What is often overlooked is Monley's solo work, both under his own name and in the various projects that shared it. His keen ear for pop hooks and catchy melodies is firmly intact in his latest project, Andy Monley & the High Horses (due at the Meadowlark on Thursday, October 1). Lest you think this is yet another homespun Americana band, the act's high-energy, experimental yet accessible rock show should put those fears to rest.


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