Angel Olsen

Angel Olsen grew up in St. Louis, and some of that city's soulful, bluesy spirit evidently rubbed off on her. A self-taught musician and vocalist, Olsen honed her skills as a member of Cairo Gang, the backup unit for Will Oldham on some of his more recent Bonnie "Prince" Billy records. Olsen's warm, vibrant voice made her a standout with Oldham, and in 2011, she released Strange Cacti, her folk-inflected solo debut. Next month, Olsen is slated to release Half Way Home, a new collection of spare songs with spacious melodies, all seemingly inspired by existential exploration and poetic observation. Olsen's wide-ranging vocals and vivid tones, coupled with her gift for crafting gentle pop songs, are reminiscent of Françoise Hardy's and imbued with a similar grace.


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