Another great Denver band hits the rocks

Another great Denver band hits the rocks


Are you sitting down? You should probably be sitting down for this. Really. Brace yourself. Although it pains us greatly to report that one of the most promising bands to come out of Denver in the past five years or so has stopped breathing, we figured it was best you heard it from a friend. No official word has been issued by anyone -- including the band via its MySpace page -- but we have every indication from with two very reliable sources that Hearts of Palm is going the way of the pager. It's unclear why the band is splitting, but we suspect that the exodus of Dan Craig, Phil Donovan and Jared Black, who each split from the outfit back in October, sucked the wind out of the group's sails. (Mixing metaphors like its my job since 2003! How you doing?) Needless to say, the act, which began its life as Nathan and Stephen before changing its moniker to Hearts of Palm last year, will be sorely missed.


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