Anti-Glacier Movement

Anti-Glacier Movement's most obvious touchstone is Radiohead. Frontman Jesse Nesbitt evokes Thom Yorke's signature croon better than most of his counterparts who've co-opted the British band's eclectic, folk-influenced space rock sound. Anti-Glacier, though, goes beyond mere imitation. Instead of residing in the safe, warm environs charted by Yorke and company, the act ventures into the forbidding, moody tonal regions occupied by slowcore outfits like Low and Codeine. Imbued with a haunting and icy minimalism, guitars rhythmically spin around lonely, distant and sometimes uncomfortably intimate vocals, creating a panoramic viewpoint that mimics life as it whirls around us at various cadences. With songs that translate well in the live setting, Anti-Glacier Movement (due this Saturday, January 13, at the Larimer Lounge, with Epilogues and Jimi Austin) is steadily mastering the art of dynamics and pacing.


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