Apathetic Drive

Apathetic Drive's name may cause some to scratch their heads or tempt them to come up with a clever and slanderous nickname, but these guys have beat the wags to the punch on that score. If nothing else, the "Drive" portion of the moniker captures the forward trajectory of the band's music. Yes, its members cite driftily ethereal bands like Slowdive as an influence, but the songs of Apathetic Drive (due Thursday, February 14, at the hi-dive) seem to move with a goal in mind: Even in mellower moments, there is a quiet intensity burning just underneath their melodies. Those used to hearing less conventional voices in this type of neo-shoegaze music may be put off at first by vocalist Margo McKenney's straightforward singing, even though it ultimately fits well with the group's sound, which is more melodically ambitious than most experimental rock. Guitarist Matt Post refreshingly strays far from Jonny Greenwood freakouts and Kevin Shields's distorted, gauzy layers, seeming to have struck upon his own, innovative style. With any luck, the band's name will become ironic.


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