Apples in Stereo on Colbert Report

Apples in Stereo on Colbert Report

The Apples in Stereo still list Denver as their home on their MySpace page. And you know what? We're totally cool with that. For one, it's kind of true: Eric Allen and John Hill still live here -- the former, in fact, name check Paper Bird in a recent interview as the next act to break out of here. And while Robert Schneider hangs his hat in Kentucky these days, he'll always be a Denverite to us. That said, we couldn't help feeling a sense of hometown pride seeing the fellas on Stephen Colbert last night performing "Can You Feel It." Check out their performance after the jump and also see the song that made the Apples "friends of the show" in the first place, "Stephen Stephen."

"Can You Feel It"

And the song that started it all, "Stephen Stephen"

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