Architect's Office is a one-man avant-garde show

Since 1983, filmmaker Joel Haertling has been the sole continuous member of Architect's Office, a groundbreaking and influential avant-garde project from Boulder. Early in the band's life, Haertling and his collaborators worked with prominent experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage on soundtracks for Brakhage's films, sometimes even acting in them; Haertling's own documentary on notorious experimental artist and cultural provocateur Boyd Rice has been shown widely. For a decade, Haertling also published a zine called Zamizdat Trade Journal, which furthered the cause of independent experimental music worldwide. An influence on local noise artists like Page 27 and Sterile Garden, Architect's Office (due at the Lion's Lair on Wednesday, August 29) rarely performs these days. Here's a choice opportunity to witness Haertling's unique musical vision for yourself in a room where its sonics will get the proper treatment.


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