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    Freeloader: Download Envinity's prog-metal concept album free

    Queensryche and the more operatic black metal groups. The eleven songs are bolstered by a 23 page PDF of artwork, back story and credits, plus a handful of other promo materials (wallpaper, contact info, ways to give them money) thrown in for good ...

    @ Backbeat by Cory Casciato on November 2, 2009 @ 11:12 am
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    Single File heading back out on the road

    ? Update 11/02: Just received word that Dashboard Confessional has postponed its upcoming tour due to "a family situation that is beyond our control," including a scheduled appearance at the Fillmore on Monday, November 9. No word on when the dates ...

    @ Backbeat by Dave Herrera on November 2, 2009 @ 10:22 am
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    Over the weekend: The Siren Project at the Church

    The Siren Project Sunday, November 1, 2009 The Church Better Than: The Project has been in a long time. Having a show at the Church is a bit of a losing proposition not because it's not that a cool place to have a show -- although it's a beauti...

    @ Backbeat by Tom Murphy on November 2, 2009 @ 7:12 am
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    Over the Weekend: David Bazan at the Hi-Dive

    David Bazan, Say Hi November 1, 2009 Hi-Dive Better Than:Dreaming about an open mike night during a nap. "Do you guys want to hear a joke?" asks Say Hi frontman Eric Elbogen maybe three songs into their set. We do, of course. "Clean or dirty?" he as...

    @ Backbeat by Kiernan Maletsky on November 2, 2009 @ 6:43 am
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    Q&A with Ralf Dietel of Krashkarma

    Anyone remember powerhouse industrial metal bands like Thrill Kill Kult and Stabbing Westward back in the day? Krashkarma sure does and has become torchbearers for the style. In advance of the band's three-night-stand in Colorado (Saturday, October 3...

    @ Backbeat by Dutch Seyfarth on October 30, 2009 @ 5:05 pm
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    Fell gets props from Thurston Moore and Byron Coley

    ? For a project that initially began as a home recording project, Fell, led by Josh Wambeke, has sure turned a lot of heads, from Camera Obscura label head Tony Daley, who stepped up to release the act's music virtually sight unseen, to the ...

    @ Backbeat by Dave Herrera on October 30, 2009 @ 3:37 pm
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    Train/Uncle Kracker show tonight postponed

    ? Looks like the inclement weather we've been experiencing for the last 72-hours has forced yet another show to be postponed. As such, Train and Uncle Kracker fans expecting to see those two acts at the Ogden Theatre tonight don't have much ...

    @ Backbeat by Dave Herrera on October 30, 2009 @ 3:21 pm
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    The Chain Gang of 1974 drops free remix album tomorrow

    ? Later today, in an effort to thank fans and to tide them over until the upcoming full-length is released in January, the Chain Gang of 1974 will be posting a new album for free download on its MySpace page. Guerilla, as it's been titled, i...

    @ Backbeat by Dave Herrera on October 30, 2009 @ 3:02 pm
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    Introducing: Blackhearts

    ? Just a bit ago, Blackhearts, the thus far super secret collaboration between Yonnas Abraham of the Pirate Signal, F.O.E. and Karma, made its online debut with a track called "Bloodlines of That Gangsta Shhh." According to Abraham, the stil...

    @ Backbeat by Dave Herrera on October 30, 2009 @ 2:12 pm
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    Freaky Friday: "Indian Superman"

    Ah, Bollywood. Is there anything you can't make a cheap, poorly misunderstood copy of, add some synchronized dancing to and make infinitely better and stranger? Not if this video is to be believed. Here we have Indian Superman, who is clearly courtin...

    @ Backbeat by Cory Casciato on October 30, 2009 @ 1:45 pm
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    Something Like Sound blog offers free local digital comp

    ? A group of engineering students who are passionate about music? The mere notion seems incongruous, like, say, a group of accountants forming an art appreciation club and then getting together periodically to discuss the works of Van Gogh a...

    @ Backbeat by Dave Herrera on October 30, 2009 @ 10:34 am
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    Hey, DJ! Q&A with Ivy

    Every Friday we spotlight the hottest cats behind the decks in the MHC, grilling them to gain some insight on what it takes, exactly, to get the party rocking, to find out about their most treasured crate digging experiences and what they really thin...

    @ Backbeat by Dave Herrera on October 30, 2009 @ 10:15 am
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    The Denver Boot: Danielle Ate the Sandwich at the Bluebird

    A few weeks ago, Danielle Ate the Sandwich took part in a stellar, sold out bill at the Bluebird, headlined by Gregory Alan Isakov and featuring Eleanor and our own Andy Thomas. Our pal Lance Stack from TheFlatResponse.com was there and brought along...

    @ Backbeat by Dave Herrera on October 30, 2009 @ 9:42 am
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    Goodie Mob's show at the Gothic postponed

    ? We just go word from Live Nation that Goodie Mob's show originally scheduled for tonight at the Gothic Theatre has been postponed due to weather. A rescheduled date for the Atlanta-based hip-hop group will be announced shortly.

    @ Backbeat by Jon Solomon on October 29, 2009 @ 2:44 pm
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    Did you miss the 5280 Urban Music Awards? Check out the recap

    The Free Way Award - Julox Networking Award - Soljah Lyrical Word Play Award - Dez The Young Future Award - Vonny Loc The Airplay Award - Chase The Foundation Award - 800 The Jewell The Big Beat Award - Mo Heat The Jet Setter/Big Fish Award (P...

    @ Backbeat by Quibian Salazar-Moreno on October 29, 2009 @ 1:57 pm
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    Music for snow

    Ah, snow. I hate it. I am not a skier, not a 'boarder and I sure as fuck don't snowshoe. And it's not because I am some pansy-ass, warm-weather transplant from SoCal or something. I grew up in Wyoming and I've been in Colorado for almost thirteen yea...

    @ Backbeat by Cory Casciato on October 29, 2009 @ 12:34 pm
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    Ten band-inspired costume ideas

    Halloween, the time when adults decide to don their favorite witty getups, whether it be the intellectual "Freudian slip" or the pop culture driven "Christian Bale Yelling." We're sure some of you are short on ideas, so we've compiled a lis...

    @ Backbeat by Thorin Klosowski on October 29, 2009 @ 10:58 am
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    "Take U To Da Movies:" Just like "What What," only way less gay and way more African

    Here's something to brighten your day: An allegedly African rapper named Bangs -- "Superstar hip hot artist," according to his web site -- laying down "Take U To Da Movies." It reminds me of "What What (In the Butt)," which is too bad, since I was ho...

    @ Backbeat by Joe Tone on October 29, 2009 @ 10:41 am
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    Two-disc deluxe edition of Fray's self-titled album due next month

    ? Gotta love record companies, especially the majors. What moxie, eh? Even in the midst of steadily declining record sales, that get progressively worse each year, and despite the fact that we're smack dab in a recession with record unemploy...

    @ Backbeat by Dave Herrera on October 29, 2009 @ 10:12 am
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    Flaming Lips top seller at Bart's CD Cellar

    ? The Flaming Lips' new album, Embryonic, was the top seller at Bart's CD Cellar for the week ending October 25, while Jay-Z's The Blueprint 3 and Roseanne Cash's The List grabbed the second and third spots. Bob Dylan's new Christmas album a...

    @ Backbeat by Jon Solomon on October 29, 2009 @ 9:00 am
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