Artist Drowning

Artist Drowning doesn't stick to one kind of sound or formula on Driving Home In Reverse, the debut studio album from the Boulder-based indie-rock outfit. That diversity is for the best, considering that the record weighs in at an ambitious nineteen tracks, which include understated instrumentals like "Darkness Coming" as well as stark and simple lyrical ventures like "Until Then." Guitarist and vocalist Christopher Martin never quite seems happy, but he manages to find different shades of darkness. He's downright morose on "Artist Drowning," but comes off as more meditative in the questions posed on "Wonder Why." Bassist Mike Gulizia and drummer Michael Brien follow suit, changing up sounds and styles across the lengthy album. That constant push toward variety makes up for some solos that feel too long and some songs that feel underwritten. Those rougher moments aside, Driving Home In Reverse has the consistent feel of a grand and heartfelt musical experiment.


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