The last time Astrophagus unleashed a CD, the outfit was known as the Moths, and its former bassist, Quentin Chirdon, was awaiting trial in Albuquerque on charges of armed robbery. But recently, singer/guitarist Jason Cain is the one who's been logging some quality time in Oz. The frontman was arrested a couple weeks ago because of an overdue dog-registration ticket, and he wound up spending a night in the pokey with nothing to comfort him but a "groovy woolen blanket" and a few new bunk buddies. The whole matter has been cleared up, though, in time for Cain and crew to take the stage of the hi-dive on Friday, April 7. Alongside Orbit Service and Mathematicians, the band will celebrate the release of its sophomore disc, Casualite, a study in spaciousness punctuated by piano, samples and keening, doped-up vocals. It's hard to know what, exactly, to call Astrophagus's music: It's is too adventurous to be called indie rock and too catchy to be pegged experimental. Whatever you term it, just don't call it punk -- that word's kind of a sore spot for Cain right now.


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