Au Revoir Simone

Au Revoir Simone's synth pop is as gorgeous as the three brunettes that make up the band. The Casio-centric outfit from Brooklyn began in 2003 when Erika Forster (daughter of e-town host Nick Forster) met Annie Hart on a train from Vermont to New York. Delivering lustrous harmonies, Au Revoir Simone (appearing at e-town alongside DeVotchKa) has expanded its sonic palette on its latest release, The Bird of Music. While last summer's debut, Verses of Comfort, Assurance & Salvation, featured minimal indie pop reminiscent of Yo La Tengo's quieter moments, the new album is lavish and upbeat. At times the grandeur is a bit much; ARS seems better served by simplicity. Still, tracks such as "Night Majestic" strike an enticing balance between bustling dance pop and indie delicacy.


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