Audio Injection socks it to you at the Would Shop II on Friday, June 15

Between his work with Drumcell as Cell Injection, his lauded underground early-'90s sets in Southern California (at the age of fifteen, no less), his current status as a resident at the legendary Interface warehouse parties in Los Angeles, his other collaborations with Droid Behavior/Droid Recordings and his productions on assorted illustrious labels, Audio Injection is a force to be reckoned with on the techno scene. His tastes span the spectrum of all things techno; his most recent project, Truncate, has been delving into the deeper, darker aspects of the style and has caught the attention of Ben Klock, Macel Dettmann, Dvs1 and more. Based out of L.A., Audio Injection travels the world with his synthesized, polished dance-floor methodology, which is ideal when all you want to do is lose your mind in the music. You'll have the opportunity to do just that on Friday, June 15, at the Would Shop II (RSVP to for directions).


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