Austin Lucas

A road warrior who has crisscrossed continents in his quest for true troubadour-hood, Austin Lucas is the rare songwriter who seems buoyed by the road rather than beaten down by it. His intricately picked yet propulsive folk is as accomplished as it is effortless, and Lucas's rough edges — honed by years of singing in everything from choirs to hardcore bands — have been sanded down to a measured rawness on releases like 2008's At War With Freak Folk and last year's Somebody Loves You. Lucas released a split single in 2007 with fellow punk-turned-folkie Chuck Ragan of Hot Water Music, and he's toured with Ragan, Lucero's Ben Nichols and Avail's Tim Barry as part of 2008's Revival Tour, but there's a depth, intensity and flair for storytelling that sets Lucas above and beyond many of his peers. Chalk it up to all those miles he's racked up on his personal odometer.


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