Author Unknown due at video-release party at the Toad Tavern

Ah, yes, it's always a pleasure to be able to pass along good news for a change: After surviving a harrowing automobile accident last fall, Mark Sundermeier is gradually getting back to good -- and back to making music. The erstwhile Trampolines guitarist and his Author Unknown cohort Nick Ehlers recently filmed a video to accompany "Hard As It Seems," from Take Cover!, the act's new record.

To celebrate, the band -- now a quartet with the addition of drummer Brian Chambliss of No Fair Fights (who also directed the video) and bassist Chad Baumbardner -- is hosting a video-release party on Saturday, February 4, at Toad Tavern, with Backporch Romeos, Eric Coffman and the Counterfeit Music Company. Page down to see the new video.

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