Who hasn't played in Autokinoton? Since its inception a few years ago, the band has eaten up and spit out members all along the Front Range. The most recent lineup -- which included vocalist Joe Triscari, drummer Andrew Segreti (of Bailer), guitarist Justin Slojkowski (ex-Season at Sea) and Auto-K originals guitarist Shaun Herrera and bassist Josh Everingham -- seemed to have finally calmed the fickle musical creature. That is, until earlier this year, when Triscari left and the group faced the dilemma of being an act without a voice. Instead of trying to rebound with a quick replacement, the remaining bandmembers soldiered on; embracing the departure as a natural progression, they settled on instrumental, Titanic-sized rock. And they've never been better -- or heavier. The Furnace Room Demos is three songs and thirty minutes of electric psych drowned in guitar fuzz and sunk into the abyss. If this is a preview of what's to come, it's going to be a great year for Autokinoton.


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