The pedigree of Autolux reads a bit like the alternative-rock should-have-beens: Guitarist Greg Edwards was in the influential space-rock band Failure, and drummer Carla Azar was in the pop-rock outfit Ednaswap, whose song "Torn" became a hit when covered by Natalie Imbruglia. With Autolux, Edwards and Azar, along with bassist Eugene Goreshter, have created a band that admirably straddles the line between arty and accessible, where cloudy, moody atmospheres flow over and within sinewy rhythms. Though often compared to shoegaze acts like My Bloody Valentine, especially with Edwards and Azar sharing vocal duties, Autolux is just as aesthetically close to experimental electronic pop artists like Broadcast and Unkle. The trio, touring in advance of its upcoming full-length, Transit Transit, has a reputation for an arresting live show — and that's reason enough to show up.


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