Unlike the series of interchangeable reality-show heroines of the same name, this particular Bachelorette — New Zealander Annabell Alpers — isn't constantly surrounded by randy dudes eager for hot-tubbing, hooking up or any other activity that might earn them a little extra camera time. In the studio, she's a one-woman band who uses both vintage and cutting-edge electronic gadgetry to create a world in which technology and humanity share common ground, however warily. Take "Her Rotating Head," from the new Drag City Records release My Electric Family. The tune's keyboards burble out chilly beats as Alpers coos and croons about a robotic relationship with such multi-tracked sweetness that lyrics like "degrade and revile me" operate on a subliminal level as opposed to an overt one. Such juxtapositions make it clear that Alpers, appearing at the Larimer Lounge with Pikelet, doesn't need a gaggle of men eager to do her bidding. She's got her computers to keep her warm.


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