Bad Weather California

Bad Weather California's latest, Sunkissed, is a multifaceted treasure of new influences and euphoric production that will serve Denver well through the late-night summer parties to come. Recorded in Detroit with Seth Olinsky of Akron/Family, Sunkissed is clean and expertly structured. From the "Ballroom Blitz"-y rockabilly energy of "Skate or Try" to the Devendra Banhart sexy vibrato on "Let It Shine," the album has surprises around every corner. "I Feel Like Dancing" and "I'll Reach Out My Hand" are a little jammy, but the good-times vibes emanating from the Deadhead rhythm section are counterbalanced by infectious vocals and unpredictable sound effects. Truly a step up from a band whose range of musical sophistication and sonic vision continues to challenge any musician within earshot.


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