Band of Horses

As Band of Horses has evolved, its sound has become more grandiose and cosmic, like gauzy, gently trippy clouds floating over Ben Bridwell's naked-soul lyrics. It's the kind of introspective but dreamily textured and expansive stuff that seems tailor-made for soundtracks and cameo appearances. And indeed, the band's tracks have appeared regularly in emotional montages on high-profile TV shows including Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and 90210, as well as films such as Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist and Zombieland. Despite the ever-encroaching threat of a Death Cab-style mainstreaming, Bridwell and company come across as earnest rather than opportunistic. Meanwhile, they seem to boast an endless supply of lovely chords and hopelessly romantic lyrics, more of which can be found on the band's latest effort, 2010's Infinite Arms.


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