Guitarist Aaron Dalbec is no punker-come-lately, having first made a big noise in the '90s with a terrific collective dubbed Converge. He contributed to fierce, unforgettable discs such as 1998's Petition the Empty Sky and When Forever Comes Crashing, both of which were reissued earlier this year by Equal Vision Records. During his off hours, he added to his résumé with Bane (below), a band so insistent that he eventually devoted himself to the project full-time. The Note, also on Equal Vision, is Bane's latest salvo, and it constitutes a 28-minute-long exercise in aggression. The sound made by Dalbec and compatriots Bob Mahoney, Zachary Jordan, Aaron Bedard and Pete Chilton is consistently punishing, and there's no back-down in lyrics such as "I need you to know that I'm not done screaming," from "Pot Committed." The band's members, who'll share the stage with Evergreen Terrace, Cursed and Verse, may be veterans, but they haven't given up on teenage rebellion. As "Wasted on the Young" declares, "What's the point of being a kid/If you are not gonna run wild and break every stupid rule?" A warning to the Rock Island staff: This could be a long night.


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