Bare Bones

This self-titled EP from Bare Bones feels a lot like fall, which could be a generic seasonal connotation that comes along with the sawing and shuffling sounds typical of Western Americana and alt-country. But the sense of an inevitable autumn isn't a bad thing at all: The quartet's founders, Blake Brown and Frieda Stalheim, have built three solemn and very beautiful melodies together, solidly backed by drummer Ben Desoto (Nathaniel Rateliff and the Wheel) and bassist James Yardley (Snake Rattle Rattle Snake). The slow and steady "Kissing Knives" finds Brown's voice and Stalheim's violin working in fluid unison, blurring the line between human and instrumental melody. "Stop Shaking," meanwhile, is an emotionally deliberate ending to this short offering, stretching the band beyond its initial stripped-down country sound. In just three songs, Bare Bones's first EP leaves a lot of room for a full-length followup.


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