Bart B More at Beta

Somewhere in the Netherlands, some scientist has been hard at work genetically engineering dance-music titans. How else can you explain such a large number of top-level dance producers and DJs — Junkie XL, Sander van Doorn, Armin van Buuren, Tiësto, just to name a few — coming from a country roughly twice the size of New Jersey? Add Bart B More to that list. This up-and-comer has already had two of his tracks selected as "Essential New Tunes" by Pete Tong (his original track "So it Goes" and his remix of Sandy Rivera's "Freak"); on top of that, he's amassed a slew of remixes for artists such as Diplo, Crookers and Tiësto and has quickly established a reputation for tearing up dance floors as a DJ. His sound is based in big, prime-time house and electro, with a touch of techno and a weird, chopped-up sampling aesthetic that incorporates hip-hop and '80s R&B. It's a distinctive sound that's garnering him quite the following, all but ensuring his place in the ever-growing line of scientifically engineered Dutch dance masters. See him on Saturday, May 22, at Beta.


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