Behold Cee Lo Green's exhilarating F-bomb

Behold Cee Lo Green's exhilarating F-bomb

Oh, man, this is the goods! Have you heard the new Cee Lo Green cut, "F**CK YOU"? Gonna go ahead and call this now: This track will, in all likelihood, end up being my favorite song of the year.

Even though the song is reportedly the first single from Cee Lo's forthcoming album, The Ladykiller, I can't imagine it has a prayer of getting within a hundred feet of any radio playlist. It's a smash-in-waiting, though, by god, if programmers can somehow figure out a way to get past the blatant f-bombs without ruining the song.

Not really sure if that's even possible, though, considering that "fuck you" forms the crux of the entire song. Wrapping his barbed sentiments in sheets of silky satin, Cee Lo has succeeded in making being on the business end of vitriolic invective an absolute pleasure. Go ahead and file this gospel-inflected gem under perhaps the most pointed and exhilarating kiss-off ever recorded. Somewhere, Harry Nilsson is smiling. Listen for yourself below.


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