Robin Walker and Jessica Hughes are CougarPants
Robin Walker and Jessica Hughes are CougarPants

Behold: Robin Walker and her new musical outfit, CougarPants

We've been following Longmont-based singer and multi-instrumentalist Robin Walker's eclectic work for a while now -- her ukulele playing, in particular, gives the tiny instrument some serious clout. Much to our happy surprise, new music from CougarPants -- Walker's latest project with drummer Jessica Hughes -- surfaced today on SoundCloud, where it's currently available for free download. Under a thin layer of distortion, the duo has captured its simple set-up of drums, guitar and pleasantly gloomy vocals in these new bedroom tracks. Listen for spurts of piano, bubbling water, and the best part -- Walker and Hughes' faint giggles.

WonderWander by CougarPants


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