Behold Yo Soy Sauce: the CacheFlowe/Brer Rabbit collaboration two years in the making

So, this first release from Yo Soy Sauce has been in the works for a while -- two years to be exact. The collaborative effort between local electronic guru CacheFlowe and Flobot MC Brer Rabbit officially drops as a single tomorrow, but the duo handed us the video for "Juke Box" over the weekend.

The track also features the delicate voice of Paperbird's Esme Tiger Collins doing some hilarious verbal gymnastics over a tripped-up booty house beat, as well as little of her usually beautiful vocals thrown in at the end.

"We've been experimenting with lots of different styles and making up new genres, like Afrobit, Baroquen Beat, Southern Soul Hop and Opera Hop," says Cacheflowe of the strange concoction. We're still not sure what to think of this first track, but we have to admit that any booty house beat is a good beat. And we're definitely all ears when it comes to finding out what a genre like "Afrobit" might actually sound like. Have a look.


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