Ben Kenney

Incubus bassist Ben Kenney isn't letting the band's year-long hiatus keep him out of the studio or off the road. The former Roots guitarist is keeping himself plenty busy pushing his latest solo album, Distance and Comfort, on which he wears all the hats as producer, mixer, writer and performer: Tracks such as "Eulogy" feature choppy, distorted blocks of guitar; syncopated, straightforward drum lines and plaintive, pleading tenor vocals — all courtesy of Kenney. Left to his own devices, Kenney boasts a sound that is more strident and more stripped down than his work with Incubus. While the results can come off as unpolished, like an ambitious music student's unfinished senior project, the breadth of Kenney's talents is impressive. Seeing them translated into a live performance promises engaging and dynamic moments.


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