Benefit for Kirk Rundstrom

Kansas's Split Lip Rayfield plays in Denver so much, it almost feels like it's a local band. It's no wonder, then, that when Kirk Rundstrom, the guitarist of the mutant bluegrass act, was recently diagnosed with cancer, a bunch of Split Lip's Colorado comrades quickly organized two Kirk Rundstrom Benefit Shows. The first one took place last Saturday at the Larimer Lounge and featured Drag the River, Potcheen Folk Band, American Relay, Badpenny, the December Question and Time Charron and the Cadillac Crush. If you missed it, though, don't fret: You'll have another chance to catch a great lineup -- and lend a hand to a genius musician in need -- on Friday, April 14, when Open Road and Hit & Run Bluegrass (aided by members of Uncle Earl, Buckskin Stallion and others) will pump up the twang at Cervantes' to raise funds for Rundstrom's medical treatment. It's okay if your motives for attending the show are totally selfish; after all, it's in everyone's best interest to get Split Lip Rayfield healthy and hitting the stages of Denver once again.


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