Benny Benassi

Better watch your girlfriend around Benny Benassi. Not only is he a suave-looking Italian guy, but he's a rising star in the dance-music scene who specializes in sexed-up, electro-fueled house sleazefests such as "Who's Your Daddy?" and "I Love My Sex" — you know, just the sort of thing to get her hot and bothered whether you're around or not. His work is full of immense, ass-shaking riffs powered by ear-searing synth sounds that could theoretically be categorized as non-lethal sonic weapons. His records make it into the sets of many top DJs, and he recently won a Grammy for remixing the Public Enemy classic "Bring the Noise" into a spacious, dubby tech-houser with electro leanings. Benassi also has more than a decade of experience behind the decks, so he should deliver a solid set when he plays at Beta (Beatport's new club at 1909 Blake Street) this Thursday, March 13. His electro- and tech-studded house is the perfect sound for getting down. Just don't let your girlfriend anywhere near the DJ booth, or you might end up going home alone.


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