Benny Loco

Benny Loco's latest effort is a standout in the crowded field of contemporary electronic music. The six-track EP features the title track — a new tune — alongside remixes of five songs from the Boulder-based producer's Set EP, released last November. On "Lines," bright analog tones coast over the top of crunchy sub-frequencies and a down-tempo drum pattern seasoned with a hearty dose of 8-bit blips and video-game-victory woodwinds, creating something thoroughly melodic. Loco had to bring his A-game with "Lines," because the remixers gave his other tracks a serious workout. The Sundrenched remix of "Owned" takes the dystopian-future banger and flips it into a Timbaland-worthy rhythm with more optimistic synth lines. Equally impressive is DJAO's remix of "Set Pt. 2," which transforms the original's pleasant demeanor into an angelic scene undercut by a nervous, skittering house beat.


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