Beres Hammond

Behold yet another worldwide reggae star that you've probably never heard of. Unfortunately, unless their name is Marley, Toots or Spear, most reggae artists typically go unnoticed by the masses. Beres Hammond falls into that category, in spite of a 35-year career that has made him a superstar in his Jamaican homeland and numerous points around the globe. So what are you missing? Plenty. Hammond has many sides to his musical personality; he incorporates vintage U.S. soul rhythms, throwback roots-rock reggae, funked-up reggae instrumentals, pumping dance hall and sexed-up lover's rock into a diverse sound that goes way beyond the standard reggae act. Similarly, he easily shifts vocal gears, crooning like the Jamaican version of Marvin Gaye or Sam Cooke, then sliding into a down-and-dirty dancehall growl. Even Bob Marley called him "the man with the golden voice." As a bonus, Marcia Griffith and Leon and the Peoples, two other unheralded artists, will share this Thursday's bill.


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