Bettie Serveert

Thirteen years ago, Bettie Serveert released Palomine, a record whose jangly guitars, infectious melodies and bittersweet lyrics helped define the sound of '90s college rock. After a string of disappointing releases that never quite recaptured the verve of that debut, this year's Attagirl is a refreshing change. But don't call it a comeback. Finally, songwriters Peter Visser and Carol van Dyk have stopped trying to be what they were and have embraced what they are. The re-energized Bettie Serveert has delivered an enchanting collection of mature indie rock that ranges from Dido-esque electro-light to sitar-laced folk rock. With equal parts Chrissie Hynde sass, Hope Sandoval sultriness and Joni Mitchell jazzy indolence, van Dyk and company prove that some things actually do get better with age.


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