Big Business

Big Business isn't exactly the Black Keys — or the White Stripes. Sure, the band has a similar drummer/guitar configuration, but it wisely stays away from the bluesy escapades of those acts. Instead, the Los Angeles-by-way-of-Seattle-based sludge-metal duo takes the simplicity of a two-piece to extremes, with Coady Willis (formerly of Murder City Devils) on drums and singer/guitarist Jared Warren (ex of Karp) throwing down an aggressive, thicker-than-molasses ooze of bottom-heavy rhythms that rattle your insides before steamrolling you into the ground. Labelmate Buzz Osborne of the Melvins (also appearing at the Gothic) liked the pair so much that he made them members of his band, with Warren handling bass duties and Willis adding additional drum support for regular Melvin Dale Crover. It'll be double the pleasure and double the fun when these crews roll into town this Saturday.


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