Big Gigantic

Big Gigantic's fifth studio album in as many years is a clear sign that saxophonist/producer Dominic Lalli has truly stepped into his own world of music. "Clvdbvrst" opens the album with a plethora of styles; from there, listeners are treated to an explosion of jazzy saxophone foundations framing big beats and topped with grinding bass. In the title track, which was released as an early single, Lalli's saxophone perfectly threads through guest Cherub's vocals, which are totally on point. Although Lalli creates Big Gigantic's tracks digitally, it's impossible not to picture drummer Jeremy Salken absolutely destroying the skins on numbers like "From Dusk till Dawn" and "Just for the Thrill," both of which culminate in rapid crescendos and monumental drops. In true Big Gigantic fashion, the album's closer, "Shooting Stars," provides the perfect descending gradient with which to conclude the massive auditory spectacle.


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