Big Timber

Emerging in 2005 from the wreckage of bands like Call Sign Cobra, Pariah Caste and Murder Scene Clean Up Team, Big Timber has waited until the waning hours of 2006 to issue its first full-length. Taking its title from the unglamorous town where it was recorded, Alma (slated for release this Friday, December 16, at the Larimer Lounge) makes a raucous statement by attempting to make no statement at all. Drummer Chuck Coffey, guitarists Trevor Morris and Bryce McPherson, and bassist Andy Wild make little effort to create a unified sound as they trade off vocal and songwriting duties. Punk in attitude, not in sound, the music is as unpretentious as the record's name -- a sour mash of Replacements-esque bar rock, Uncle Tupelo's AA Americana and plenty of early REM jangle. There's even a pinch of Eagles and what just might be a Blue Oyster Cult reference spiking the quartet's catholic approach to straightforward rock and roll, a sound refreshingly free of focus-group feints.


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